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Saturday, March 18, 2017


Friends , many times in our markets invetors or traders always strive to understand whats happening with particular stock or the markets as a whole, here comes the experience, knowledge and wisdom to the rescue. I came across many stories on markets and one such is articulated here about the power of training and wisdom. 

This story is in Arabic context where an arab sheik, father of three sons left 17 Camels as an Asset after his death. His will was read to his three sons.The Will of the Sheik Father stated that the Eldest son should get half of 17 camels, the middle son should be given 1/3rd of 17 camels, the youngest son should be given 1/9th of the 17 camels.

As it is not possible to divide 17 into half or 17 by 3 or 17 by 9, the sons started to fight with each other. So, they decided to go to Cadi (judge) a wise man. The wise man listened patiently about the Will. The wise man, after giving this thought, brought one camel of his own & added the same to 17. That increased the total to 18 camels.

Now, he started reading the deceased father’s will again.

Half of 18 to eldest son = 9.

So he gave 9 camels to the eldest son.

1/3rd of 18 to middle son = 6.

So he gave 6 camels to the middle son.

1/9th of 18 to youngest son = 2.

So he gave 2 camels to the youngest son.

Now add this up:

9 + 6 + 2 = 17 &

This leaves 1 camel, which the wise man took back.

MORAL of the story: Training or wisdom is that 18th camel that we bring to the table to solve any problem! However, to reach a solution, the first step is to believe that there is a solution. If we think that there is no solution, we won’t be able to reach any!  -  READ SUCH STORIES HERE

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